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Halong bay cruises: Quang Ninh tightens safety rules on travel boats in Ha Long Bay

Relevant agencies in Quang Ninh province have inspected 135 travel boats licensed to work in Ha Long Bay and found technical errors on the boats.

Ha Long tourist boat did not sink due to cracked bilge

After the Truong Hai No. 6 sunk, killing 10 foreign and 2 local tourists in early February, Quang Ninh authorities have inspected 135 out of the total 151 tourist boats, concentrating on the boats that offer overnight services.

Inspectors discovered some boats did not maintain periodical technical inspections and some had technical errors. Two boats had their cabin roofs downgraded, 37 had baffles that were not watertight, 41 lacked standard firefighting and pumping systems, 9 had 108 below standard life-jackets, and 25 did not have instruction boards on the use of safety equipment.

In addition, 59 sailors in 10 boats,

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not have certificates on fire training and 24 staff did not have professional certificates. The inspection group has proposed Quang Ninh authorities to tighten inspection and heighten the technical and safety standards of travel boats.

The new regulations will be issued in March 2011.

HCM City to have travel police

HCM City authorities have instructed its police agency to,

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establishing a travel police bureau to protect tourists.

The city government also told police to strengthen patrol over the downtown and tourist sites to ensure safety for tourists.

The Peoples Committees of districts were told to assign their police departments to combine with other forces to protect tourists.

The Department of Transport is instructed to strictly,

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means of transport for tourists, especially taxies in the downtown area. The department will restructure bus stops in the downtown areas to serve tourists.

The HCM City Taxi Association will combine with the HCM City Department of Transport to supervise taxi service and punish taxi drivers who break the rules.

Some tourists have complained of being cheated by taxi, and Myanmar have agreements on visa exemption (visa) for ordinary passport holders. Agreement will take effect from 10.26.2013 official.

Under this agreement, citizens of the two countries Ordinary passports valid for at least 6 months will be exempt from visa for entry, exit and transit for a stay not exceeding 14 days.

The visa must be carried out only if our citizens wishing to enter and stay over 14 days.

So far, the citizens of Vietnam will carry ordinary passports are exempt from visa for entry, transit and residence (a term) in all nine ASEAN member countries.

To overcome the inadequacies in immigration procedures

- As of May 6/2013 , more than 14,000 foreign investment projects in Vietnam , in which more than 11,000 projects with 100 % foreign capital investment . Profits from these projects is very large , and contribute to creating jobs for millions of workers in the country . Technology and machinery , it can be upgraded , improved , increased competition ... Although the last time , there were many open policies on administrative,
Visa on arrival Vietnam
in order to create favorable conditions for investors , but there are still rules that no longer fit if not promptly adjusted , modified , replaced, supplemented become barriers to foreign investment in Vietnam .

Guide people to get passports and visas at the Immigration Office Management .

Promulgated in 2000 , the Ordinance on Entry , exit and residence of foreigners in,
Halong Vietnam
now has a score no longer fit reality . In the Government's submission on the Law of Entry, exit and residence of foreigners has been reported at the 6th session of the National Assembly XIII analyzed clearly gaps , inconsistencies in the implementation process Ordinance . At the same time , content submission also stressed the need to pry into law as the basis platform for foreign entry , exit, residence in Vietnam for the purpose of sightseeing , travel , learn marketing schools , for investment , business , education, labor , scientific research ...

As Pham Minh City - members of the Drafting Committee Draft Entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam , a new point in the draft that has overcome the status " visas are not change of purpose " for foreigners in Vietnam , in order to avoid a number of foreigners taking advantage of a loophole to convert other purposes , making it difficult for management . However , for the special case shall be additional purpose such as students studying in Vietnam combined do more , or relatives of foreigners who are members of resident offices in Vietnam Men also need to be allowed to seek employment .

In addition, a new provision in this draft Law also regulates more , foreigners in Vietnam workers want to be a competent authority of the State of employment license , then authorities new visa for entry . This regulation aims to overcome the shortcomings that we are long problems and lost a lot, Visa on arrival Vietnam, Visa on arrival Vietnam, 2 new tourism ships Visa on arrival Vietnam, The Mekong Prestige ship is launched at the Saigon Shipyard on August 15, 2012 The Mekong Prestige ship is launched at the time to solve . As Mr. Pham Minh City said that the efforts of the members of the committee drafting the Law on Entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam in recent years is huge : " Draft Law , we I also studied the draft of the countries in the region . At the same time , research all the legal systems of other countries involved in immigration issues . inheriting We have defined, Sapa tour, Sapa tours, Visa on arrival Vietnam, hoiantravel, Vietnam visa online, Information and Communications inspectors punished four websites using the domain name for granting visas illegally. is value and relevance of the Ordinance of 2000, and added new rules to limit the shortcomings " .

That's a positive sign indicates this draft law was promptly acquire and modified to suit the current situation . However, despite engineering research , draft and not free from shortcomings . As representatives of City Federation of Labor , over time , not only in the city but in the province - the country has arisen over the status of foreign enterprises some loss-making , debt has fled country that unpaid wages for workers . Meanwhile , workers are owed ​​wages not know where to cling : " Currently, the state has some temporary foreign businesses in VN fled . Consequently , City Federation of Labor also suggest considering the provisions of the temporary residence of foreign investment enterprises in the export processing zones , industrial parks , and at the same time, the provisions of the temporary residence card for foreigners in industrial zones , export processing zones " .

In the field of visas , the unit is directly, Da Nang Hotel Sapa tours, Hoian destination, hoiantravel, hanoivietnam Vietnam visa online, Information and Communications inspectors punished four websites using the domain name for granting visas illegally. to the Border Guard City , in the process of resolving procedural faced unreasonable regulations need to be amended. Mr. Dao Quoc Hoang - Team leaders procedures singling Border City , the draft Law on Vietnam visa regulations duration of visas issued to foreigners to invest no more than 12 months , while the Law on Investment in 2005 stipulated maximum period of 5 years . According to Hoang ,, Visa on arrival Vietnam Visa on arrival Vietnam, 2 new tourism ships Visa on arrival Vietnam, The Mekong Prestige ship is launched at the Saigon Shipyard on August 15, 2012 The Mekong Prestige ship is launched at the overlapping rules , no consensus on the duration of the visa and temporary residence card , making it difficult for the case of entry into Vietnam with the purpose of employment , investment cooperation , learning episode .

Further analysis of the real symbol of Vietnam , Nguyen said previously specified 10 symbols visa classification for immigration purposes are different, however